Top 10 Billionaire Donors Contributing to Trump’s Campaign

Former President Donald Trump has a group of wealthy supporters who are pouring millions of dollars into groups that back his potential 2024 White House bid. These donors have already contributed a total of $123 million to support Trump’s campaign, despite the fact that he has not personally given any money himself. The top 10 billionaire donors to Trump’s cause include longtime supporters who have a combined net worth of over $55 billion and have pledged to continue supporting him in the coming months.

One of the biggest donors is Timothy Mellon, a scion of the Mellon family, who has donated $76.5 million to pro-Trump super PACs. Linda McMahon, spouse of Vince McMahon of WWE fame, has given $11.1 million to Trump groups and serves as chair of the America First Policy Institute. Kelcy Warren, executive chairman of Energy Transfer, has contributed $5.8 million to support Trump’s campaign, while Diane Hendricks, the richest self-made woman in America, has given $5.5 million to back the former president.

Other notable billionaire donors include Timothy Dunn, Elizabeth and Richard Uihlein, Phil Ruffin, Geoffrey Palmer, and Robert “Woody” Johnson. Dunn, who made his fortune in the oil fields of West Texas, has donated $5 million to Trump’s super PAC, while the Uihleins, who founded Uline, have given a combined $10 million. Ruffin, who co-owns the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, has contributed $3.3 million, while Palmer, a major Los Angeles landlord, has given $3 million. Johnson, owner of the New York Jets and heir to Johnson & Johnson, has donated $2.7 million to support Trump’s bid.

These billionaire donors have a history of supporting Trump’s political campaigns and have shown their loyalty by continuing to back him in the 2024 election cycle. Despite Trump’s claims that he did not need donor money during his 2016 campaign, he has since relied heavily on wealthy supporters to fund his political endeavors. These donors play a crucial role in financing Trump’s campaign and ensuring that he has the resources needed to compete in what may be his third bid for the White House. As the election approaches, it is expected that more big checks will be written to support Trump’s efforts to return to the presidency.