Threads introduces 'tags' to help users categorize posts

Tags are a key way to seek out content on social media, but so far they’ve been missing on Meta’s fledgling Threads platform. That’s changing soon, however, as the feature is now in testing on Threads in Australia “with more countries coming soon,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a new thread.

You create a tag in the usual way by placing a hash before a word, which then displays in blue text without the hash — much as mentions work in Facebook. To seek out topics, type a hash plus a keyword into the search field to see a list of relevant posts, as one does on Instagram. So far, it’s limited to a single tag per post, likely to discourage hashtag spamming — though that may change, as Meta said the feature is still a work in progress.

Despite still not being in Europe, Threads has shown consistent growth and now counts nearly 100 million monthly active users, Zuckerberg wrote last month. The app recently gained a few key features like the ability to delete your threads profile without killing your Instagram account and avoid automatically sharing Threads posts with Facebook and Instagram. It also added pinned posts, and Instagram boss Adam Mosseri hinted that DMs may (or may not) be done via Instagram’s inbox. 

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