The Morning After: The biggest tech stories of 2023

What do you do when the tech world mostly grinds to a halt at the end of December? You reheat your hot takes, force a narrative thread on a company’s ups and downs and edit it all up for consumption.ย 

Yes, it’s a little quiet at the end of the year (barring Apple Watch bans), but that won’t stop TMA from finding something for me to talk to himself about. Weโ€™re looking at a few of the major stories from the last 12 months and .. some other things where I just has to say my piece. And if not on a short YouTube video that’s clipped, cropped and pushed into socials, then where? On X? Pschh.

This week:




And read this:

I couldn’t cover all the big things in tech in one tiny video. I’d recommend taking a look at all of the big tech wins in 2023 (and all the big losses), and it’s definitely worth reading through our picks of the best games of the year.ย 

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