The Morning After: Is a famous coding influencer fake?

Eduards Sizovs is the founder of DevTernity, a software development conference that had to cancel its most recent event. Mostly because the lineup included female speakers who, under closer inspection, turned out to be fictional. But this may not be the first time Sizovs has invented a woman, and he might .

Coding_Unicorn has over 115,000 Instagram followers and purports to be run by Julia Kirsina, who shares tips on software development below her selfies. 404 Media has posted evidence connecting her to Sizovs, suggesting the account is a sock puppet. Evidence includes images from a YouTube video showing Sizovs logged in to her email account, and that a lot of her posts mirror ones posted by Sizovs.

— Dan Cooper

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It produces 3.5 megawatts of electricity.

Google / Fervo Energy

Google is showing off a first-of-its-kind , which is now operational. The search giant, in partnership with clean power startup Fervo Energy, dug a pair of narrow wells in the desert, 8,000 feet deep. When filled with cold water, the resulting steam is powerful enough to run a turbine generating 3.5 megawatts around the clock.

It makes no sense, but that doesn’t stop me wanting one.


Ayaneo’s next project is the AM01, a small form factor PC with a case that sorta looks like an original Apple Mac. The handheld gaming pioneer isn’t going to blow too many socks off with the specs, . But, and I cannot stress this enough, it does look cute.

Yes, even IKEA makes a water leak sensor now.

Promotional image of the new IKEA smart home sensors, which are white, on a pink background alongside a red plastic speaker and yellow sunglasses.

IKEA may not be the first name you think of in the smart home space, but it has quietly built up an impressive suite of tools. The include window and door sensors as well as a water leak detector, all of which are compatible with its most recent hub. And while the US pricing hasn’t been announced, all the units are so cheap in Europe they’re a no-brainer.

It also had issues with the Quest 2 Elite strap.

A side-view image of the Meta Quest, which is white, on a white background.

Meta has , citing a firmware-related charging defect. It says, when fixed, it’ll replace already-sold units, as and when buyers contact the company. The strap is meant to boost battery life by two hours on the standalone VR headset, but users have found it stops charging earlier than expected.

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