SPFL defends Rangers v Aberdeen final tickets split

The SPFL has defended its decision to give Rangers more tickets than Aberdeen for next month’s Viaplay Cup final.

About 25,000 tickets will go to Rangers, compared to Aberdeen’s 19,500, for the Hampden final on 17 December.

Aberdeen voiced “extreme disappointment and frustration” that their counter proposal was rejected, but the league stood by its position.

The SPFL said historic League Cup final and semi-final sales and segregation issues were among factors considered.

“Deciding ticketing allocations for cup finals is always a challenging task as more fans invariably want to attend than the stadium can accommodate,” said a SPFL spokesperson.

The league added that discussions had been held with both clubs and that the split “is broadly the same configuration” as for Aberdeen’s most recent League Cup final, against Celtic in 2018-19.

In their own statement, Aberdeen said they had suggested an alternative strategy that would have given them an opportunity to either sell more tickets or hand over any extra to Rangers.

Aberdeen said they “robustly” made a case for the SPFL “to treat both teams fairly with an even share of tickets, given Hampden is a neutral venue” but that the proposal was rejected.

As a result, Rangers fans will be across the south, north and west stands, while Aberdeen supporters will be in the south and east.

Ticket prices have been frozen from last year, with additional concessionary tickets in the north and south stands.

Source: BBC