Olivia Culpo reveals latest bikini photos from her Montce collection as football star fiancé Christian McCaffrey shows his approval by liking them

Olivia Culpo recently launched a new swimwear capsule collection in collaboration with Miami-based brand Montce. The collection features 62 pieces in elegant neutral tones and modern silhouettes, ranging in price from $80-$240. Culpo, a former Miss USA and Miss Universe winner, incorporated her clean, classic aesthetic into the timeless summer essentials collection, making it versatile and stylish for any wardrobe. This marks her first-ever swimwear collaboration, and her fiancé, Christian McCaffrey, has shown his support for the collection on social media.

The Montce x Olivia Culpo ’24 Collection was inspired by Culpo’s personal style and enduring connection with the brand. Culpo has been a fan of Montce for many years, wearing their swimsuits in viral moments and showcasing their classic beauty. The collection includes swimsuits, slip dresses, skirts, button-downs, and retro tops, designed to take the wearer from chic to sporty in various ways. The pieces in the collection are versatile and adaptable, reflecting Culpo’s own style choices as a model, actress, and influencer.

In addition to the stylish collection, Culpo recently shared images from a photoshoot for Montce, where she flaunted her toned figure in bikinis from the collection. These images were well-received by fans and other celebrities, with likes and positive comments flooding in on social media. Culpo has been praised for her beauty and timeless aesthetic, which perfectly aligns with the color story and design inspiration behind the Montce x Olivia Culpo ’24 Collection. The collection embodies a playful twist on classic swim styles, capturing Culpo’s personal style throughout.

Culpo and her fiancé, Christian McCaffrey, have been enjoying time together, sharing glimpses of their vacations and outings on social media. Their relationship has drawn attention from fans and followers, who admire their love and connection. Culpo recently announced that they will be tying the knot in her home state of Rhode Island, where they also celebrated their engagement party. The couple’s engagement was a joyous occasion, marked by support from friends, family, and the local community in Rhode Island.

The couple’s relationship has been a source of happiness and excitement for Culpo, who has expressed gratitude for finding love with McCaffrey. Their engagement party was a special event that showcased their bond and affection for each other. Culpo has shared glimpses of their relationship and milestones on social media, allowing fans to feel connected to their journey. Both Culpo and McCaffrey have received an outpouring of love and support from fans, friends, and loved ones as they prepare to embark on this new chapter in their lives.