Letters to Sports: Clippers won’t work on this Beard

The Clippers just traded away their future for a highly questionable present with James Harden.

Jack Wishard
Los Angeles


With James Harden coming to L.A., the Clippers have become the NBA version of the “No-D” Riley Trojans.

Vaughn Hardenberg


Who’s running the Clippers, Andrew Friedman?

Harden will be a Hall of Famer but right now he’s simply a ball hog who likes to shoot. Steve Ballmer’s club has enough point makers and what the heck does this mean for Russell Westbrook, who has found a home but now his minutes will be cut even lower?

Bad trade, man, bad trade.

Fred Wallin
Westlake Village


There’s a reason why no other team in the NBA wanted James Harden. Other than the obvious fact that he is the GOAT on the NBA pouters and whiners team, he is also the biggest “choke” in key games. Not only is he a cancer, but he disappears in crucial games.

Stan Shirai


A match made in heaven: Clippers — no championships, Harden — no championships. Hmmm! I wonder.

Mike Schaller
Temple City


In an effort to catch lightning in a bottle, Steve Ballmer has approved a trade for James Harden that is reminiscent of Arte Moreno’s signing of Albert Pujols. The Clippers are now riding the third rail toward inevitable dysfunction. Aging stars do not lightning make.

Dave Sanderson
La Cañada

This trade is shear lunacy: “The Beard” and the Clippers could get hairy. I mean, the margin for error is razor thin. So, how long before his self-absorption (“I’m not a system player; I am a system”) froths the team into a lather and they stubble, err, stumble?

Steve Ross

Source: LA Times