Israel conflict latest: Sunak arrives in Israel as bombardment continues

UK security minister Tom Tugendhat said Hamas has made it clear that its purpose is the “murder of the Jewish people”.

He said it was “no secret” that the regime in Tehran, Iran’s capital, had been supporting Hamas to “kill Jews” for many years.

Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme, he said Israel making a proportionate response did not mean taking lives “one for one”.

“The proportionate response is to protect yourself in a way that removes that threat,” he said. “The destruction of Hamas would be a blessing not just for the Israeli people but the Palestinian people.”

Pressed on whether it was “proportionate” to displace 1mn Palestinian people, depriving them of homes, food and water, he said prime minister Rishi Sunak had pledged £10mn to support the Palestinian people and was working “tirelessly” to open up a humanitarian corridor.

Source: Financial Times