Intellivision can't afford to make its long-delayed Amico retro console

Intellivision’s long-delayed Amico retro gaming system isn’t going to arrive anytime soon. The company says it doesn’t have enough money to build the console in volume. Intellivision unveiled the Amico in 2018, said it would arrive two years later and raised millions from folks who put down a (refundable) $100 deposit.

Since then, Intellivision has faced disaster after disaster and there’s still no indication of when the Amico will be available. To make the console finally happen, though, the company needs money. 

Intellivision revealed its latest plan to help it raise funds earlier this year, an app that’s said to ape the experience of the Amico on Android and iOS devices. The Amico Home app debuted in beta on Android this week and it’s bizarre to say the least.

To use Amico Home, you’ll likely need at least two Android phones or tablets, or one of each. One displays the game and you use the other as a controller (alternatively, you can use a “real Amico controller”). If you can hook the former up to your TV via HDMI, you can play the games on a big screen.

There are only two games available on Amico Home at the minute, Missile Command from 1980 and Astrosmash from 1981. Both are original Intellivision titles. Despite how old those games are and the fact Amico Home is in beta, Intellivision somehow reckons it’s just fine to charge $15 for them while calling the app “an affordable way to enjoy family gaming entertainment.”

Those who pre-ordered the console can get Amico Home download codes for certain games, but that’s not exactly going to help Intellivision’s bottom line. It seems highly unlikely that Amico Home would get even close to generating enough revenue for Intellivision to make the Amico a reality. Kotaku tried out Amico Home and called it “one janky piece of crap.” Still, Intellivision hopes the app will at least be successful enough for it to secure investment for the console.

“Our ability to begin manufacturing Amico consoles in volume requires securing additional investment,” Intellivision said in a statement. “The release of Amico Home puts us on a better footing to attract such investment or to eventually fund manufacturing from the proceeds of Amico Home game sales. We remain dedicated to moving Intellivision forward, step by step, until we can deliver on the full vision of Amico, including the consoles.”

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