Haas’ right of review for US Grand Prix postponed

Formula 1’s governing body has postponed a hearing into the Haas team’s attempt to change the results of the United States Grand Prix.

The hearing was due to take place on Wednesday, but has been delayed to give the stewards time to “independently consider the submissions made”.

It will reconvene on 9 November at 14:00 GMT.

The case relates to potential track limits transgressions by Williams’ Alex Albon, who finished ninth in the race.

Representatives of the Williams, Red Bull and Aston Martin teams are also required to take part in the hearing.

Haas have to prove there is a “significant and relevant new element unavailable at the time”. Only then would the merits of the case be discussed.

If it is decided Haas’ case does not meet that threshold, the allegations against Albon will not be examined and the result will stand.

Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg finished 11th in the race last month, 3.2 seconds behind Albon.

Should Albon be found guilty of exceeding track limits at Turn Six more often than permitted, the likely penalty would be five seconds added to his race time, which would promote Hulkenberg into the final points position.

Albon was investigated after the race on the subject of track limits offences at Turn Six, but no action was taken.

The document detailing the result of the investigation read: “There might be some indication for possible track limit infringements in Turn Six, [but] the evidence at hand is not sufficient to accurately and consistently conclude that any breaches occurred.”

Source: BBC