Dragon's Dogma 2 finally has a release date

Over a year after Capcom first confirmed a sequel was coming for Dragon’s Dogma, there’s finally a release date. Capcom has announced Dragon’s Dogma 2 will arrive on March 22, 2024, on the Xbox Series X and Series S, the PlayStation 5 and PC. There’s also a new trailer to give you a better look at what to expect from the sequel.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 comes 12 years after the original game came into the world. While there were issues like a mediocre interface, the game provided a detailed, customizable story that found a devoted fan base. 

The sequel takes place in a parallel world to the original, following Arisen who had his heart stolen by the Dragon. As Capcom explains, “Queen Regent Disa has installed a false Arisen to maintain control of the kingdom of Vermund for her son. Meanwhile, the beastren nation of Battahl considers the otherworldly Pawns to be a source of misfortune and have turned to worship of the Lambent Flame and their empress Nadinia to ward off calamity.” You can play as Arisen or as Main Pawn — whose personality is customizable. Dragon’s Dogma 2 also introduces new monsters, such as the towering Golem named Talos. 

While there are still a few months until gameplay can commence, you can officially pre-order Dragon’s Dogma 2 now. The standard version retails for $70 and includes a bonus weapon for each starting vocation in pre-order. The Deluxe Edition is available for $80 and has a “New Journey Pack” with items like a custom camping kit and Rift Crystals — plus the Ring of Assurance for pre-orders.

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